Global Perspectives and Trends on Social Pensions: HelpAge’s Experience

Organizations: Help Age

Title: Global Perspectives and Trends on Social Pensions: HelpAge’s Experience
20 March 2018
Time: 3.30pm - 5.30pm
Room: Nzoia
Capacity: 50pax


HelpAge’s Side Event will present a global perspective on Social Pensions. It will be a platform for sharing a global perspective, trends and developments on social pensions as HelpAge has been on the forefront advocating for universal social pension at the global level, including Kenya. This side event will give the findings from our global work and research on pensions from Moldova to Philippines and Myanmar, from Zanzibar to Malawi and South Africa, the Senior Citizens Grant in Uganda and now Kenya’s universal scheme. In collaboration with the Social Assistance Unit (SAU) , we will a share top level descriptive analysis of the findings from the first phase of the quantitative data emanating from the on-going InuaJamii70&Above Cash Transfer Programme baseline study.

The study is a collaborative effort by WFP, UNICEF, ILO, the World Bank, Development Pathways, HelpAge International and the State Department of Social Protection.

The session will not only summarize the need for progressive adoption of universal approaches to social assistance but also contextualize the centrality of pensions as one of the contributing factors in poverty reduction strategies across the globe.

There will also be at least 2 Older Persons to give their experiences of ageing from a social protection perspective.

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