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Thank you to all the participants,

partners and exhibitors for making
the 2nd Social Protection Conference a success

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Kenya Social Protection

20-23 March 2018
Scaling Up Investment in Social Protection
for the Delivery of Kenya’s Vision 2030 and
Achievement of SDGs

About Conference


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Kenya Social Protection

20-23 March 2018
Beleisayo Super of Inua Jamii (OPCT) programme
selling her own made Rendille Ornaments during
market day in Merille. She started the small income
generating activity from the stipend received

About Conference


Message by Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Labour & Social Protection, Ukur Yattani, E.G.H.

Ukur Yattani 200pxIt is with great honour, pleasure and privilege that I welcome you all to Nairobi City, Kenya, for the 2nd Kenya Social Protection Conference. I take this opportunity to once again thank the Social Protection Conference members and all stakeholders for supporting Kenya’s Social Protection programmes. Social Protection has emerged as a strong and effective tool for fighting, and reducing, poverty and vulnerability among its citizens.
I wish to assure you that the Government is committed to ensure that your stay in Nairobi is extremely comfortable and memorable. In this respect, we have formed a strong and all-inclusive stakeholder National Committee that is working round the clock to make the Conference a massive success.
We look forward to a worthwhile event that would generate solid proposals for coming up with measures, initiatives and interventions that are meant to cushion the poor and vulnerable members of the society against the hard socio-economic environment.

Welcome to Nairobi, Welcome to Kenya

Message by Principal Secretary State Department of Social Protection, Susan Mochache, CBS

Susan Mochache 200pxI welcome all our speakers, delegates and stakeholders to the Kenya Social Protection Conference 2018. The concept and practice of Social Protection in Kenya is clearly anchored in the Kenyan Constitution (2010) with the ambition of moving Kenya towards a more equitable and inclusive society.  It’s why we found the conference’s theme: “Scaling up Investment in Social Protection: A Contribution to the Delivery of Kenya’s Vision 2030 and the Achievement of the SDGs” most appropriate.
The Social Protection Sector, especially the Social Assistance pillar, in Kenya has grown rapidly in the last decade. Currently, we feel proud to be administering the Cash Transfer to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (CT-OVC), Older Persons Cash Transfer Programme (OPCT), Cash Transfer to Persons with Severe Disabilities (PWSD-CT) and Hunger Safety Net Programme in 2008. It is worth noting, however, that access and coverage of the programmes are still limited to an extent that a big proportion of the needy and vulnerable population of people is yet to be covered.
We, therefore, hope that the Kenya Social Protection Conference 2018 can generate solutions for Kenya to help the country to address pertinent issues pertaining to the grey areas of the programmes, especially in terms of financing and investment.
Welcome to Kenya Social Protection Conference 18

Social Protection Conference 2018, Highlights


The SDGs and the Vision 2030, Enabling environment (policy & legislative framework), Social Protection financing, Innovative approaches to SP, Strengthening coordination and complementarities and the graduation model, Systems and capacity strengthening, Extending SP to the informal economy, Shock-responsive Social Protection

Inclusive SP Sector

The overall goal of Social Protection in Kenya is to “ensure that all Kenyans live in dignity and are able to exploit their human capabilities for their own socio-economic development.” (Kenya Social Protection Policy, 2012). In Kenya, social protection interventions exist in three components namely; Social Assistance, Social Security, and Health Insurance.


Speakers are drawn from different levels (County, National and International), different components of social protection (social assistance, social security and health insurance) and representing various players (governments, development partners, donors, academia, non-governmental organisations, civil society, private sector and the media). Read More

Exploring opportunities

SPC 2018 is a great opportunity for different SP players to share good practices and innovations, learn and develop valuable networks necessary for further development of the sector. Delegates drawn from the Counties, National and International communities, representing governments, development partners, academia, non-governmental organisations, civil society, private sector and the media bring a wealth of experience and expertise worth tapping into.


Exhibit your social protection intervention at the Social Protection Conference (SPC) 2018. Kindly give us more information regarding your organization and the material you intend to exhibit.
REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS 12TH FEBRUARY 2018. Please note we have a limited number of booths to offer. 
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Call to Action

Seek to address the pertinent issues that shall have emerged from the conference in terms of actionable areas to move sector forward

Conference Theme: Scaling Up Investment in Social Protection for the Delivery of Kenya’s Vision 2030 and Achievement of SDGs

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